Research and Trials with Sensemedic

Research Projects and Trials

Sensemedic is used in Research Projects and in Trials where medication intake needs to be monitored or recorded. Real-Time Medication Monitoring provides important benefits to the research team such as accurate intake tracking, real-time results and the ability to add interventions.

Example of medication intake shown in figure 1. Each dot represents a medication event. The green bars in the graph represent the prescribed time periods for daily medication.

Figure 1.

Measurement of Medication Adherence

Several methods are available for measuring the medication use of a participant during research studies or trials, such as “pill counts” and “validated questionnaires”. These methods are not always accurate. The only real accurate method is DOT, or “Directly Observed Treatment”, where the medication intake is witnessed and recorded by a third person. For most studies DOT is not practically feasible.

Sensemedic is the closest alternative to DOT currently available. Using Real-Time Medication Monitoring, each medication event of a participant is recorded with a smart medication dispenser, and transferred immediately to a central database. This information is available for the researches within about half a minute after the event took place, through a secure internet account.

Real-Time Results Tracking

For research projects Sensemedic provides a dedicated User-Interface (UI), through which all collected information can be viewed. This UI can include presentations of the results of preliminary (first-pass) data analysis according to the specific requirement of the project. This allows the research team to track the results of the study as the project progresses, and correct or adjust the study within the margins of the protocol as required.

Data about Medication Intake

Overviews of medication intake can be viewed per participant as shown in the example. This information can be downloaded (per participant or participant group) in PDF and csv format for further analysis by the research team.

Benefits of Sensemedic

Sensemedic delivers important benefits for research projects that need accurate monitoring of medication intake:

Real-Time Information

Information about medication use is available in real-time. Non-adherent or non-participating participants can be identified immediately, and appropriate action can be taken (correction, removal from the study, etc).

Easy to Use

Information about the medication use is easily accessible for the research team. No data-processing, interviewing, counting or technical steps are required – simply login to the account and obtain overviews immediately. Which is especially a benefit for multi-site trails.

Adherence Support

For projects in which the actual medication adherence of the participant is important, Sensemedic provides support through real-time intervention.