Smart Reminding with Sensemedic

Smart Reminding

Sensemedic offers real-time smart reminding with text messages. Text reminder messages can be sent if (and only if) a patient forgets the medication. It is also possible to notify a designated other, if the patient forgets to take medication, by text or e-mail. This type of adherence support has been proven effective.

Medication Adherence

The average medication adherence of all users of Sensemedic that are supported with text reminders is between 90% and 95%. About 20% of intakes take place shortly after the user has received a reminder text message, but still within the prescribed time period.

This is significantly better than the adherence by patients that do not receive support for their medication use. This problem, poor adherence to prescribed medication therapies, has been studied extensively.

The results of these studies indicate that the average medication adherence of patients is between 40% and 70%, for almost every type of medication.