Monitoring with Sensemedic

  • Accurate monitoring
    of a patient’s medication use
    Information is available in Real-time

Sensemedic is Easy to Use

Sensemedic uses Real-Time Medication Monitoring. Sensemedic enables health care professionals and researchers to accurately monitor a patient’s medication use in real-time. This can be combined with real-time intervention to promote correct medication use, if desired.

Medication Intake

Real-Time Medication Monitoring provides real-time registration of a patient’s use of medication in a central database. Each time the patient uses his medication this “medication event” is received and stored within about half a minute.

Smart Reminding

If adherence is an important aspect of the study, Sensemedic can remind patients through text messaging. Messages are only sent if the patient forgets the medication. This real-time intervention is an effective way to enhance medication adherence.

Real-Time Online Management

With RTMM correct or incorrect use of medication is directly visible to health care professionals. Through a secure internet account the data will be in real-time available for online management.

Data Collection for Research and Trials

The data is collected in the central database and can be made available through a secure internet account to authorized persons. Through this account the medication intake history of selected patients can be viewed and downloaded in CSV-files for further analysis.

How does it work?

The patient stores his medication in a special electronic dispenser, which sends a brief message to a server each time it is opened. The medication can be placed in the dispenser by the patients themselves.

Each message that is generated by the dispenser is sent wirelessly, through the GSM network. This message contains information about the time of the medication event, the identification number of the dispenser and if necessary other information.

The electronic dispenser works in nearly every country in the world at locations where mobile phones have network coverage.