Online Management with Sensemedic

Secure Web Portal

Information collected with the Sensemedic Real-Time Medication Monitoring system is available through a dedicated, secure Web Portal. Through this portal the healthcare team has access to the medication intake information of their patients.

Use of Medication Dispensers

Healthcare organisations that use Sensemedic buy or rent a set of Sensemedic medication dispensers. These dispensers are delivered in ready-for-use condition – no technical steps are required, they can be used immediately.

Through the Web Portal each dispenser can be assigned to a patient, using the patient’s code number only. This dispenser can then be handed to this patient for immediate use. Upon completion the dispenser can be decoupled from the patient’s account and assigned to a new patient.

Online Management of Medication Intake

If patients are instructed to take medication within certain defined periods of the day, this can be entered in the patient’s account through the Web Portal. The Sensemedic system will then automatically identify for each recorded event if it was “correct”, within the agreed period, or “incorrect”, outside the agreed period.

Starting and stopping Text Reminders

In the Web Portal the healthcare team can activate or deactivate text reminders to each patient. These text reminders are sent if (and only if) a patient forgets to take the medication.

Online Overview

The Web Portal provides access to the collected information. For each patient the actual medication use can be viewed. Specific information that can help the healthcare team quickly identify non-adherent patients is provided in easily accessible overviews.

Downloading Information

Through Web Portal, the medication intake information can be downloaded in pdf and csv format. This allows the healthcare team to analyze the adherence information or store it in the patient’s records.